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yung lean doer

Anonymous asked - "Write a letter to... Your best friend Your ex Your past self Your future self"

Dear Best Friend, you’re my best friend. You coo as fuck and I love you to death. I have nothing else to say.

Dear ex-girlfriend, you’ve made me the person I am now. I miss you and I still love you. I hope the best for you. I really do.

Dear past self, lmao. You cray bruh. Them scene days were very memorable. You’ll learn a lot. Focus more on school and less on video games. Work out bruh.

Dear future self, I hope you’re successful now. I hope you still enjoy great music and I hope you dress well. Stay toasty.

Anonymous asked - "Is your name actually keota"

Nah, Keota is my last name. First name Jeffrey.

We were introduced to Kanye west back in 03’. At that time we were wearing Du Rags , & calling people wanksta’s. He spoke about real life issues, & he was someone we can relate to. However since he was different , & we were ignorant we didn’t admit that we liked him. Yet he’s managed to survive through that era all the same. Now look where he’s at? I guess it’s safe to say Yeezy has taught us to be a little more open minded than we once were.



Drake vs Blake | Espy Awards 2014

hilarious haha

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